Moving into your very first apartment, condo, dorm or home? Be Safe, Not Sorry! Having medical insurance, vehicle insurance and housing insurance helps to safe guard us from problems that arise after they happen. But what happens to you after you’ve become a victim? There is no insurance that can turn the hands of time and make you feel safe again. The best thing to do-ALWAYS-is to simply be pro-active in the prevention strategies that can help save your life.

1. Always park your car in an area that is either well lit of in a high traffic area.
2. If you have to list your name in a community directory or on a mailbox, use only your first initial and last name. This is so that a stranger can’t pretend to know who you are.
3. Never enter an elevator if the current occupant makes you feel uncomfortable in any way.
4. Report any non functioning exterior lights or burned out light bulbs to management immediately.
5. Be sure to lock all of your windows when you leave your dwelling or when you simply go to bed. Unlocked windows and doors are the easiest way for a criminal to enter your dwelling.
6. Do not leave any items of value in your car-especially within visibility of others. Always have your windows up and your doors locked.
7. City of Jacksonville  Law Enforcement suggest that a porch light be on at all times throughout the night.
8. Be sure all shrubbery covering the front door or any windows be trimmed for clear visibility.
9. Get to know your neighbors. You don’t have to be best friends but knowing someone that you can trust to bring in mail that was left near your door is always a good thing.

10. As always, don’t leave your purse, backpack or personal items unattended. Thieves are always looking for that perfect moment to strike. They know that backpacks hold wallets, i-phones and laptops. They know that a person will turn to grab cereal on an isle while taking their hand off of their purse in the buggy. Remember, they do this for a living. It is their job to know.

Christina Starmer