Competing with the thousands of online rental options in your area is already hard enough.

1.Be sure your headline Inspires!

Instead of : “condo w/Breakfast Bar, WD, 9’Ceilings, Fans, 3rd floor,Limited Time ”

Write this: “Don’t miss out! This fabulous upstairs condo is perfect for your Next home!”

Sure, you don’t have all of the details in the ad, but the ones that were being highlighted were so boring anyway, that it led the reader to believe there would nothing better in the main description once (IF) they clicked on the ad. By simply giving them a taste, they will want to see more. You WANT people to click on your ad so give them something worthy! Once they click, then you can dazzle them even more.

2. Make your photos stand out!
I can not stress this enough. I took the photo of the house in the picture below at an angle which highlights the foliage. It also leaves a little to the imagination. But the Pièce de résistance is the small added text in the photo. It not only differentiates you from the others out there, it also adds an unexpected delight. Things like this, quick interior videos, and links to area restaurants or local highlights all help to create a special ad. Go ahead, be different and reap the rewards.


3. Get Social

I don’t mean go to a bar and mingle, rather Get social with social media. Add your wonderful rental listing with its fabulous photos and creative description to your Google account, your Facebook profile, your Linkedin account, Pinterest and Craigslist. Ask your local friends to share it on theirs as well. Who knows, your 5 or so clicks may very well become the impetus to 1000 views in the next hour.

Written By: Christina Starmer
First Coast Rental Management